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Welcome to Tramline Traders, your go-to destination for effective and reliable trading strategies! I have developed a range of cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve your trading goals. Join this community of eager traders and get the best tips, tricks, and trading strategies from people in the know and with their ears to the ground. Founded by John Burford, Tramline Traders has grown into a well-respected and knowledgeable trading community. Check out John’s blogs here, and see why you should join the exclusive VIP Trading club or the NEW Phoenix trading club today, to get all the latest trading strategies for commodities, forex and more!

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Keith, Independent Trader & VIP Member

I just wanted to say thank you for some excellent trades. You are my first ten bagger. The VIP fee has repaid itself over 10 times and I still have 7 months until my renewal. It goes without saying I am more than happy to renew.

Independent Trader & VIP Member

On Being a Professional Trader

My road to being a Professional Trader. I didn’t start out life wanting to be a trader.  Probably no one does. At school, I was fascinated by how the world works – and gravitated towards studying the ‘hard sciences’ – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I’ve spent time studying trading strategy and market fundamentals in order to develop what I consider to be the best trading strategy you can use for commonly traded commodities, such as Gold, Stock Indexes (Dow, Nasdaq and more), as well as the forex trading strategies for the dollar. I believe my tramline trading method to be the most reliable trading strategy I’ve used, and I’m here to share it with my community of like-minded traders.

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A Sneak Peak into what the Tramline Traders Community can offer you:

At Tramline Traders, I am dedicated to providing the community with the best possible trading strategies. My cutting-edge techniques are backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the markets. So if you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, join the VIP Trading club or Phoenix Trading Club today and start your journey towards success!

Swing Trading Strategies

Are you looking for a trading strategy that can help you profit from short-term market fluctuations? My swing trading strategies are designed to identify and capitalize on market trends. With my comprehensive approach, you can feel confident in your ability to navigate the markets and make informed decisions.

Forex Trading Strategies

The forex market is one of the most volatile and dynamic in the world, and my forex trading strategies are specifically designed to help you succeed in this exciting environment. Whether you’re new to forex trading or an experienced pro, my strategies can help you navigate the complexities of the market and make more informed decisions.

The Best Trading Methods for Commodities

Commodities are an essential part of the global economy, and my trading methods can help you profit from this vital market. I have developed proven strategies that can help you navigate the complexities of the commodity market and capitalize on market trends.

Trading the Tropicals

These very important markets – Sugar, Coffee and Cocoa – can often provide huge profit opportunities if you understand them when trading commodities.  They are largely immune to the interest rate factors that influence markets such as stocks, precious metals and industrial commodities and their charts often display excellent patterns for the chart analyst.

The Tramline Trading Method

My Tramline Trading Method combines a few other technical indicators, financial strategies and theories to make the best trading method and strategy.

Fibonacci Levels

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers describes the growth (and decay) of natural living things as they go through their life cycle – and I consider financial markets to be a part of that world.

Elliott Wave Theory

Would you like to project major market turns ahead of time to plan your trades so that you are not stumbling in the dark? If you can count to five you can learn to use the rudiments of Elliott wave theory to plan your trades 

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The Fed is now tied up in knots

The Fed is now tied up in knots

That was certainly one of the most eventful weeks for a while. The Fed tied itself in knots hiking rates (and promising to do more of what it takes to cool the hot inflation) and at the same time expanding Q£ by trillions to save

Is it hitting the fan yet?

Is it hitting the fan yet?

With Thursday’s revelation that a major US Venture Capital (VC) bank has gone bust and another California retail bank is in difficulties, the trigger was pulled for the start of the Great Wipe-Out. Suddenly, the eyes of investors swivelled round from staring at next week’s

A stock trading monitor showing a series of graphs wheere elliott wave theory could be applied


Back in the 1920s and 1930s when technical analysis was in its infancy, most pro traders located in or near the stock exchanges and plotted their charts using point and figure, not the usual bar charts we use today. But one man in the 1930s,

This is my swing trading strategy for the Nasdaq

This is my swing trading strategy for the Nasdaq

It never fails, does it? Just when traders started taking the scales away from their eyes and went full-on hawkish interest rates as urged by the Fed, stocks started to recover. The latest hawkish comments from a Feb member onWednesday finally convinced them the Fed

I am position trading interest rates

I am position trading interest rates

So, how high will US rates go before the Fed starts cutting them? That’s the big question on the minds of pro investors/traders. To guestimate their projections they pore over every detail of the stream of US economic news for the best trading strategy. And

What is the best swing trading strategy for the Dow now?

What is the best swing trading strategy for the Dow now?

As I noted to my VIP Traders Club members, on the recent data dump days, the Dow swung violently by around 600 pts up and then down and then up first on the FOMC of 1 February and then again on the US CPI of

FOMO – has it reached its zenith?

FOMO – has it reached its zenith?

The latest US macro data prints are swinging stock indexes around like they are on rubber bands. Last week we had the FOMC with 600 pip Dow down/up swings that day. Then a few days later, Mr Powell gave a speech where he basically made

Choose the right commodities trading platforms with Tramline Traders

Using Commodity Trading Platforms to Support Futures Trading

With so many commodity trading platforms and commodity brokers to choose from, navigating
the market can be quite complex, especially for beginners. If you’re interested in trading
commodities, below we have explored how you can use these platforms to improve your future
trading and how to choose the right commodity trading solutions for your needs.

The Fed spoke – but was anyone listening?

The Fed spoke – but was anyone listening?

The much-anticipated FOMC statement on Wednesday’s small 25 bps hike was greeted with open arms by the bulls, who already had pushed the FANG Gang up last month by an astonishing 40%+. Of course, Big Tech had been clobbered most of last year by rising

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