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FREE TRIAL OFFER to my VIP TRADERS CLUB Members of the Club trade Stock Indexes, Currencies, Gold/Silver, Crude Oil, NatGas, T-Bonds, US  Wheat, Corn and Soybeans. I outline positions in my virtual account with my take profit targets from my analysis using my Tramline methods. Yes, I want a two-week Free Trial to your exclusive VIP Traders Club with no obligation. Sign-up below. Sign-up for a quarterly membership or save £305 per year and subscribe for annual membership.

What do you get as a new VIP Traders Club member?

You receive detailed Members Notes, and Daily Trade Alerts with my new trades in my virtual account and updates on my open trades sent around 7:00 am UK time Monday-Friday. Currently, we are trading Stock Indexes (Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, FTSE 100, Russell 2000, EU 50, China A50), Currencies (most major crosses with the dollar), Metals (Gold, Silver), Softs (Cotton, Grains, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee), Energy (Crude Oil, Natural Gas) The Members Notes contain practical suggestions on how you can manage your account in a professional manner.  The emphasis is on risk management with two Golden Rules. I invite you to take a Free Trial and judge for yourself if I can help you on the road to trading success.  But I must warn you, this is no Get Rich Quick scam.  You need to bring some discipline and a desire to work a little for your success!
My method consists of a trio of three parts – Elliott Wave Theory (EWT), Tramline Method and Fibonacci.  I combine all three in my analysis. Having been a student of the Elliott Wave Theory for some time, I quickly realised that I needed more input to create a highly reliable method to forecast prices – and make profits consistently. A glance at any price chart reveals a series of waves with definite tops and bottoms with some waves of short duration and others of longer time span. Most traders cannot – and they rely on ‘stories’ from the media that are usually bullish. But that’s where EWT comes in. The basic idea is that waves advance or decline in five steps – three with the trend and two against.  Then the direction reverses. But I found there is a lot more to EWT than that!  Each wave has its own characteristics and there are multiple rules and guidelines to be learned.  Most traders are put off by the complexity – and who can blame them?  We all want a simple method to give us great trades, right? So I needed to augment EWT with other methods – and that was my motivation behind creating the tramline approach. In some price charts, an advancing/declining wave often travels along the trading channel contained by two parallel lines – the upper line connecting the highs (resistance) and the lower line connecting the lows (support).  This is crucial information as it allows me to forecast likely market turns. The third pillar of my methodology is to use Fibonacci retracements (available on most trading platforms).  These also give me highly accurate forecasts for targets and trend reversals. This is an example of the detail contained in my charts. This is the Dollar Index 2-hr
The blue lines are my tramlines.  The wave labels are my EWT analysis, and the dotted lines are the Fibonacci levels.  All three of my methods are here in one chart.  As it happened, my analysis was correct – the market started falling hard later that day. Most amateurs and most professionals claim this is impossible.  You may believe it.  Perhaps that is because you really haven’t got hold of a method of analysis that can offer that prospect. What would you say that I can often do that with high accuracy with my methods? How would you like to know in advance the likely direction of almost any market? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Then take a Free Trial to my VIP Traders Club and find out for yourself if I am bluffing! When I have found a promising setup, I look for an entry where I can set a close Protective Stop (PS) that limits my loss in case I am wrong.  But before that, I estimate price targets that represent good profit/loss ratios. When in a new trade, I then employ my two very simple Money Management rules to manage my risk as the trade progresses.  New VIP Traders Club members receive Members Notes that spell out in full detail how to apply these with discipline.

Not for dabblers!

The VIP Traders Club is for those who wish to devote time and energy into building their account in a fully professional way. Only by using a time-tested method of analysis, such as my Tramline Trading system, and using strict risk controls can any trader expect to achieve success over the long pull. As a member, you will receive my Members Notes which contains the Club rules for managing your risk. By using these two simple rules properly you can avoid large losses and stay with winning trades longer.  This knowledge is worth its weight, as many members can attest.

We trade:

  • Share Indexes
  • Currencies
  • Gold, Silver
  • Crude Oil
  • …..and many more

What to expect

  • Swing trade entries and exits on my virtual account with Warning Levels
  • Useful for spread betting and investing alike
  • Focus on large cap issues both in UK and abroad (mainly US)
  • Trade Alerts issued when I make a trade to either buy or sell short in my virtual account
  • Estimate 5 – 15 Trade Alerts in average month
  • Will advise both long and short trades.
  • Will regularly update my analysis of FTSE and Dow indexes.
Tramline Trader Testimonial
Martin W Tramline Trader
“It is a pleasure to be able to give you a testimonial; it is the least I can do for the much appreciated help and guidance you have given me over the past two years. John’s work is a revelation. His analysis is clear and advice very sensible and cautious. Now with his VIP Trade Alert service it is most timely. After two years I now would not be without it.”

How I started the VIP Traders Club

John Burford
John Burford
Let’s face it, most traders lose money especially when they go it alone.  That’s no great secret.  The big question is this: Why do normally successful and intelligent people in their chosen profession fail at trading? I am a professional trader and early in my career came to the conclusion that making profits in the financial markets requires a different set of skills than is usually required in the outside world.  And that is because financial markets operate along a different set of rules that are unique to them. You see, most people – including most ‘experts’ – totally misunderstand how markets work.  They believe outside influences, such as economic data, drive the markets up and down.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! They are putting the cart before the horse.  In reality, I believe it is market sentiment that drives all free markets and that the news follows the markets.  Tops are made when bullishness is rampant and bottoms are made when it is all gloom and doom. That’s right!  How often have you seen a market rally briefly on ‘good’ news only to top out for no apparent reason – and later as the market declines, some ‘bad’ news emerges? Conventional traders will buy on good news and sell on bad news.  Often, that is the exact reverse strategy than is required for success.  Markets can seem devious and perverse – but only to conventional traders.  To those that follow my approach, market moves are rarely a surprise – and often I have forecast the exact move ahead of time – and my analysis is available to my members. If you knew with high confidence where the market will likely be in the days ahead, what value would you place on that information? So, in an effort to spread the truth about how markets really work – and to help traders develop highly profitable strategies, I decided to start the VIP Traders Club about six years ago.

Read more about John Burford

John is the online Trader for one of Britain’s largest financial publications, and his methods have been taught to thousands of traders from novices to those more experienced. Read more about John here. “Since joining the VIP service 3 months ago – earlier with the Tramline service – I am constantly amazed by the sheer quality and quantity of John’s updates. They are even better than I expected. His reports are always timely and accurate, with superb graphics . The brief updates are also great to trade off quickly when the market is moving fast.. His Split-Bet Strategy and Zero Loss strategies have greatly improved my trading returns.”
Edna S Tramline Trader


If you would like to delve deeper into my method, my book Tramline Trading should prove useful – available here on Amazon.
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