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The VIP Traders Club


If you have been following my work on my blogs on this trading website and my Charts of the Week for Interactive Investor, you will have seen how I use my own Tramline Trading system in practice – reported slightly after the event, of course.

As you know, I have given some truly excellent trades on my blogs over the past five years or so, many of which have lead to massive profits. Not only have many of these entries been very close to major tops and bottoms, but they allowed the trade to be entered at low risk. This is an absolute requirement.

That is because, by using my Tramline, Fibonacci, and Elliott Wave methods, I have been able to set protective stops close to the entries, which limits risk.

Read here for more details of how my Tramline Trading system works.

But make no mistake, we do take losses and in some periods, these are over 50% of all trades. But I keep average loss small, while letting profits on the winners run.

If you have been trading for some time, you will know that setting stops is one of the most difficult decisions all traders face. The other difficult decision is where to take profits.

That is why I am offering you this opportunity to be a Member of my VIP Traders Club – to help you grow your capital and reduce risk on every trade.


How THE VIP CLUB works


My trading plan is to establish positions largely in my favourite markets (Dow/S&P, Gold, Euro, GBP, T-Bonds). We will be trading the Rolling contracts for all markets (except the T-Bonds). When I spot an occasional opportunity in another related market, I will advise that.

You decide the size of your spread bet, keeping in mind that I recommend using my 3% Rule. Setting your maximum acceptable potential loss will determine the maximum size of your bets.

The key to the success of the Club is that I will only advise a trade when I judge the risk is small. I avoid a market if I see the risk too great.  Then, I will wait for a better entry at low risk.

The first rule of trading is this: Preserve your capital – and I am determined to help you do that.

I also advise using my split bet strategy – see my notes later.

I follow all trades until closed out.

Most trades will be intended for medium to long term positions. But – and this is important – if you are more comfortable taking short-term profits to lock them in, then you have that option.

If I see such an opportunity to take a short-term profit, then I will often send a specific Alert.

Some members trade both long-term and short-term positions by doubling the size of their bets on each trade – one half intended for short-term and the other half for longer-term trades.

To avoid confusion, some members open two separate accounts – one for short-term and the other for long-term trades. That is a strategy I recommend.

All trade alerts will be forwarded to you by email message
in real time as I make that trade myself

As an example alert, if I see an opportunity in T-Bonds for instance, I will send a Trade Alert (this is the actual email sent to members on 20 April.

April 20. Very few traders are expecting a rapid rise in long-term interest rates, but I am!


Click To Expand

The market was trading above my proposed entry, which gave members time to enter their stop orders.

A few days later, this is the Alert I sent on 14 May:


Click To Expand

I had noted the big 11,200 pip decline and with the market being very oversold, it was due for a decent rally. This is the chart showing the entire trade:


Click To Expand

That was one terrific trade.

Profit from this three week trade = 11,200 pips.

If you had bet just £2 per pip, that was a profit of $22,400.

The initial risk on this trade was 65 pips giving a reward/risk ratio of 17:1.

And just after taking this profit, I advised members to go long – and the market has co-operated by moving up. As of 21 May, this trade was in good profit (and now protected by a break-even stop).

Acting on a Trade Alert


When you receive an Alert, you can immediately enter your order and also enter your protective stop (PS) at the same time.

Sometimes, the markets are moving fast when I send an alert, and you may get a worse or better price. But over time, these differences will cancel out.

Of course, I can offer no guarantee that my future trades will produce similar results to my past record, or will result in profits for you. But I guarantee that I will be using exactly the same methods that have so far proved so successful.

Membership Fees

Membership Fee for my VIP Traders Club is £325(+VAT) per three months and a discounted £995(+VAT) for the year with a 14-day Free Trial.

Now why should you pay for VIP Club membership when you can read about my trades in my blogs?

That is a simple one. Being a VIP Club member gives you access to my trades in real time before you read about them later in my blogs! It’s all very well learning about the superb T-Bond trade after the event, but what you want is that trade entry before it has a chance to make profits.

Oh – incidentally, I shall continue to post charts and thoughts on mys personal blog, but as a VIP Trader Club member, you will receive all of my trade alerts in real time – way before they appear on my blog.

Membership of my VIP Club will be the only way you can access my real-time trades as I enter them from now on.

I believe we can expect more massive moves in the markets in 2017. Huge profits are going to be made in the second half of 2017 and beyond, and I would like you to have the opportunity to be one of the big winners.

Trade and Money Management in the VIP Traders Club


At first, as a new member you will need to work on what are to be your personal trade and money management guidelines.

This is a critical aspect of your trading career, whether you wish to make a second (or first) income, or to extend your investment portfolio.

I see my job at the VIP Club as offering members analysis of selected markets and advising opportune entry points in my Alerts along with a recommended initial stop loss. And I often give targets. Members should read my blogs on this site for my thoughts on various markets.

It is a fact that most of my VIP Traders Club trade entries get into profit right away. I see members’ job as managing their trades with occasional suggestions from me. When I see an obvious place to take partial profits according to my split bet strategy, I will send an Alert. But I do not always offer these exit points (I am not always at my desk, as I do walk my dog daily – and I do like to sleep at night!).

But some members will take full profits there because they are very short-term traders. Others are longer-term position traders and will not take early partial profits because they are looking at the bigger picture. You need to decide which type you are.

I advise use of my break even rule, where you move stops when the market has moved a certain distance from entry. Some traders use a move in their favour by 100% – 150% of initial risk, and others a wider move of 200% – 300%. Because members vary in their trade management guidelines, I do not lay down firm rules for everyone!

By now, you should be firming up the money and trade management guidelines you are comfortable with.

• How will I use the 3% Rule?

• How will I use the split bet strategy?

• If I use it, when will I move stops to break even?

• How big shall my bets be while keeping to the 3% (or less) rule?

• Shall I avoid any trade or will I take them all?

These are some of the important considerations before you start trading with the Club.

Here is what members are saying:


Just to say how great I have found your service your tramline trading is straightforward and the book was easy to read and understand

I trade a little less now because of your advice and I have had some great trade tips from you that have made quite a bit of profit

I have found that you are right more times than wrong and making every effort to minimise losses .

Thank you for the education and help your emails are very enlightening


John B.

PS I love reading your tramline trading web site informative and interesting keep up the good work well done.


It is a pleasure to be able to give you a testimonial; it is the least I can do for the much appreciated help and guidance you have given me over the past two years.

John’s work is a revelation. His analysis is clear and advice very sensible and cautious. Now with his VIP Trade Alert service it is most timely. After two years I now would not be without it.

Kind regards

Martin W


I have been following John’s methods now for about 2 years. Recently, I began trading them using one of John’s alert services. On average, I would say I receive 4 to 6 trade recommendations per week each accompanied by an explanation and charts so that you can follow his reasoning. John’s methods tend to get you in early on a trend so you can rack up big winners.

He also advocates low risk trading so that losses are cut short. So far, and I have only been trading John’s recommendations for 1 month, my trading account is up by 13% and that is with only 35% of the trades being winners.

By nature, I am a curious person so I regularly email John with questions. He answers promptly and sincerely. So far, I am very pleased with the service and the results!

Kind Regards,

Garry W


John has offered timely and well balanced risk reward entries into numerous trade set ups with good supporting charts and rationale. Well positioned stops and a constant focus on risk management enabling capital preservation. John has helped me reduce trading frequency and is starting to help me run winners longer helping me to see the potential exit when I enter a trade set up. Very few people offer the same knowledge and support service as John. His approach has helped me preserve my capital which as a leveraged trader is key.

Many thanks

Jon F.


Since joining the VIP service 3 months ago – earlier with the Tramline service – I am constantly amazed by the sheer quality and quantity of John’s updates. They are even better than I expected. His reports are always timely and accurate, with superb graphics . The brief updates are also great to trade off quickly when the market is moving fast..

His split-bet and no loss strategies have greatly improved my trading returns to date.



As you know I am fairly new to VIP but I am already delighted to have taken out a subscription.

I am a retired accountant and apart from the obvious pleasure of making an extra non taxable income, your small losses and larger, some spectacularly so profits, I find the whole thought provoking build up of your analyses invigorating. I wait for your alerts and then set up the charts you have provided and update during the day.

My wife is also a great fan of yours, I keep disappearing to the screen.

Keep it up

All the best

Roger C

I look forward to welcoming you to our very successful VIP Traders Club!

Remember, I am always on the end of an email.

Membership is only £325(+VAT) per quarter and £995(+VAT) for the year



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