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As you may know, I have been writing Chart of the Week (COTW) for Interative Investor for over a year and in that time, I have used my unique tramline methods to analyse mostly FTSE 100 shares. I have been able to pinpoint many well-timed precise entry and exits on a wide variety of shares in many sectors.

In September 2016, I launched VIP PRO SHARES as a trade entry/exit service aimed at both longer-term investors and spread betters. Members receive an email Trade Alert when I have a promising setup and keep track of all open trades.

Timing of entry and exits of both investments and spread bet trades on margin is especially of critical importance.

I do not believe in just jumping in to buy a share when you feel bullish. Often, you will be getting in at a high and you will need to suffer a downturn before the uptrend resumes (if indeed it does). You need a reliable system that has proven itself over time – and that is what I have developed.

I do not believe in a ‘set and forget’ approach to investing or trading. Each investor/trader needs to review their positons regularly in today’s markets.

Of course, in a roaring bull market, as we have had since 2009, timing is really secondary because a rising tide lifts (almost) all boats. But now the game is changing and I believe a devastating bear market lies up ahead. Being nimble will be essential.

What investors (and traders) need is a responsive service that can pinpoint trend changes – and that is why I designed my tramline methods. It is remarkably successful in detecting major tops and bottoms in real time.

Most investors are trend-followers and this approach works well in trending markets. But tomorrow’s markets will be anything but up-trending. That is where pinpoint trade accuracy is vital – and that is what I can offer.

I have developed my very powerful, yet simple, tramline methods to give investors and traders alike the means of extracting major profits from a wide variety of markets. I describe some of these in my blogposts on my website.

Here are the details of the VIP PRO SHARES SERVICE:

* Swing trade entries and exits with recommended Warning Levels

* Useful for spread betting and investing alike

* Focus on large cap issues both in UK and abroad (mainly US)

* Trade Alerts issued when I spot an opportunity to either buy or sell short

* Estimate 5 – 15 Trade Alerts in average month

* Will advise both long and short trades.

* Will regularly update my analysis of FTSE and Dow indexes.


All of this for only £145 a quarter or take annual membership for only £475

Sign up now for your Three Week Free Trial

Here are some of our current holdings as of May 20

Long RANDGOLD at £56.80. Latest £73

Long KION at £52, Latest £66

Long FIRST SOLAR at $30.00. Latest $36.00

Long CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL at $41.00. Latest $49.00

Long SAGE GROUP at £6.30. Latest £7

Long BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL at £8.95. Latest £9.30

Since launch, we have taken many profits and a few small losses.

Take my generous Three Week Free Trial offer and see for yourself if my service can help you generate significant profits.


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