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Wheat fields

Wheat resumes rally – now on to $15?

Are you still unconvinced to trade Wheat (and also Corn and Soybeans) following my extensive coverage? Yes, there are so many other markets where most traders gravitate to from stock indexes to individual shares to gold and so on. We all have biases that favour particular markets. With my early exposure to trading the US grains futures markets when living in Washington D.C. I have always had an interest in them even in the years of over-supply when prices were low.


Stocks indexes are at major crossroads

US Crude oil is in the process of correcting the huge surge to my main target to the $128 high a month ago.  Latest quote is $96 – a decline of $32 (25%). Of course, the price could rally back from around here – or it could correct further as some traders expect a price-induced increase in supplies to the spot market.

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