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Serious Traders – this is how I trade using my unique Tramline Trading method

Hi. I’m John Burford and a full-time professional swing trader based in the UK. I operate an exclusive service for serious traders using my unique Tramline Trading methods that has enabled me to pinpoint highly accurate trade entries and exits for some stunning profits over the past five years.

My newsletter is read by many serious traders and analysts because it explains how I am able to forecast sometimes very precise turning points using my Tramline Trading system.

I trade the Dow/S&P/Nasdaq, FTSE, Dax, Forex, Gold/Silver, Grains, Sugar/Cocoa/Coffee, and T-Bonds.

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Having lived through several crashes – the 1987 Black Monday Crash, the 2000 dotcom Crash and the 2007/2009 Credit Crunch.  I know what bear markets look like – and we are definitely starting perhaps the greatest one ever.

We are at the early stages of what will turn out to be the most devastating bear market in history.  But it won’t be straight down!

When the Dow and S&P made their ATHs in early October as bullish sentiment was off the scale,  my system told me that the bear was back in town – and we positioned short very near top tick.  So far, that position has never been in jeopardy with an S&P gain to date of over 400 S&P points.

This was the advice I gave to VIP Traders Club members on 2nd October – one day before top tick:

Not only that, but the market has seen several huge upward retracements since early October – and I managed to catch those near their highs with high accuracy.

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