Welcome to my revolutionary new Trading Club for small-medium
spread bet or CFD accounts.

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About Phoenix Traders Club

Do you have a smaller account but want to trade the markets with my expert guidance?
Do you only qualify for the larger non-pro spread bet margins that precludes membership to my larger successful VIP Traders Club?

You have probably followed my Tramline analysis from my blogs and have seen how I usually take a contrarian approach. Many times I have nailed a significant reversal at low risk. These are the very best trades.

So try out my new Phoenix Trading Club on a 2-week Free Trial.

⦿ We will trade only the Nasdaq, EUR/USD (or USD/JPY) and US Crude Oil

⦿ I email you a Trade Alert when I have made a trade for my virtual account with fills and my stops.

⦿ I will offer little analysis – much of that appears in my weekly blogs

⦿ The Trade Alerts will be sent only when I have a promising setup for my virtual account

⦿ I will take the trades on a medium-long term view and I will move my trailing stops when indicated to protect profits

⦿ My goal is to produce mostly large gains from the larger market swings

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USD United States (US) dollar