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Has TKMaxx maxed out?

September 25, 2013 // 0 Comments

  This is a share I have had my eye on for some time – in fact, I had an aborted trade  about a month ago, as I believed I had found a top. But the market just kept going like the Duracell bunny.  It is a very large US retail holding company and owns TKMaxx here in the UK.  I believe US retail will suffer in the months ahead – already a stalwart US [...]

Dow closes gap

September 24, 2013 // 0 Comments

  My Equinox Indicator seems to be working this time (see yesterday’s MoneyWeek Trader email).  Naturally, this is not a trade timing tool, but it is remarkable how often at the equinox the market finds a top.  The odds are high that we have seen a major top of some kind last week in the Dow. DOW Last week saw the completion of the five up to Thursday’s [...]

We are now live!

September 20, 2013 // 0 Comments

    Welcome to my new site format!   I am happy to say we are live in the new format and will have today’s MC up for you shortly in case you missed it.     Hope you enjoy the new [...]
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