I have no fingernails left!

I have no fingernails left!


The tension is killing me!  This is the highest stakes poker game in history – with a $16 Trillion pot!

I guess Ben is a happy man now the spotlight has come off him and onto Congress.  I know – Ben who?

But let’s get back to the markets, some of which are giving me some tremendous trades.



I took partial profits yesterday morning near the $1265 level – just before the big relief rally:

On the way down, I did not like the look of that pos mom div and with a $60 gain in my short trade, I did not want to give much of that up.

The other reason was that bullish sentiment had sunk to around the 10% area, meaning that if a rally could get started, it would carry.  And carry it did with a $37 move off yesterday’s low.

I still retain my long-term C Account trade with stop at break even.


Retains its bullish bias:

and my EW count is still on track.  I expect a new high above 98.60 shortly in w5.  If/when that occurs, it will herald an assault on the 99 level – the Fib 62% retrace.

I took profits on my long position for A Account a few days ago and retain the B and C trades.

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