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How I Trade Gold for my VIP Traders Club

You have read how if you had bought gold at $1050 in December, you would be making big bucks today. But did you? If you did, you are among the very few who rejected the chorus of bears who were projecting gold to plunge below $1000. Even Goldman Sachs was forecasting this plunge.

But I was not – in fact, I was buying. And I bought not just because I am contrary by nature. No, I was using my Tramline Trading method that indicated a major low was forming. And a substantial rally lay ahead.

One reason for my belief was that hedge funds were at a record bearish sentiment in December while the commercials (the trade) were a record bullish. Hedge funds are trend-followers and are usually wrong at major turns – here in December they were spectacularly wrong.

And with the market now well up from these lows, my big bet is paying off.

But that is not all. I noted that in early May, sentiment had shifted once again – I call it the ‘pendulum effect’. As prices rose from January onwards, it attracted more to the bullish camp until bullish sentiment was off the scale this time – as it usually is at major tops.

Here is the chart that sold me on the idea to take major profits off the table:

As the market ran up to the $1300 high in the final wave 5 of a textbook Elliott wave pattern, I had my chance to take the profits.

What was my gain in just three months? It was a stunning $225 from my $1072 entry in January. That certainly pleased my VIP Traders Club members!

And I have big plans to extract more profits from gold this year. I expect gold to be one of my whale trades.

My Tramline Trading method not only incorporates Elliott wave analysis, but also my own unique tramline system and also Fibonacci concepts. You can learn about Tramline Trading here.

Also, my book Tramline Trading outlines how I use my system in real life conditions.

If that is the kind of expert gold trading you are interested in, then join my VIP Traders Club right now! We also trade Stock Indexes and Currencies as well as a few other markets.

Membership is only £325 per quarter


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